Unique Flowers ~ the same Garden

“Psst. Resting with the flowers in the garden for me is a reminder of the web of relationships; the teaching about the amazing diversity of flowers ~ no two scents are the same”

I am always so grateful for the friendships that are formed through Rainbow Artists Team on Etsy. We bond and share with each other, and some of these friendships will last all through this  earth walk. Today I want to share with you Sandy’s creations from Little Canary and Co. She is like a “little canary” spreading and sharing joy wherever she lands!

Her shop has a southwestern and country flair about it and I love browsing her unique creations ~ Examples of my favorites:


Artisan Beach Pouch Necklace


This sweet medicine bag is truly a special gift for anyone who loves the beach!

Folk Art Crow Fringed Shoulder Bag


This bag is a “one of a kind” and is an endearment to folk art lovers!


Country Crow Dream Catcher


A primitive crow sitting in his natural environment!


To find out more about Sandy, and how her shop came to be: About Sandy

Thank you Sandy for all you do! You are a blessing! Let us dance in the sun wearing flowers in our hair! ♥

And a song….always a song. This one might give my age away! (giggling)

“listen to the flower people”

May the Sun shine brightly on your beautiful “flower faces” today!♥


Deanna and Kent
Deanna and Kent




13 thoughts on “Unique Flowers ~ the same Garden

  1. Beautiful blog, Deanna, Sandy has some really unique pieces of art, and as a team member, she is second to none in promoting all of us. We are lucky to have her as a FRIEND and as a large part of our team.

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